When Using The Defroster Alone Isn't Good Enough

Window defroster fans are great except when they take several minutes to clear a foggy windshield. If you're driving, those minutes may seem like an eternity and put you at risk of a sudden accident.

Give your defroster some help this winter by applying a layer of defogger spray to the inside of your windshield. All you need is a spray bottle of glass treatment and a dry cloth. Applying the treatment takes seconds, and vastly improves your visibility during the coldest, wettest months of the year.

“Repellent products can help dramatically improve vision and safety,” said Ron Fausnight, group technical manager at Rain-X. “A small bottle of glass defogger fits in the glove compartment, under the seat or in a door panel. It’s easy to have near you during winter.”

While the climate control system helps reduce moisture inside the cabin, it alone might not be enough to keep your windshield clear this winter.

Anti-fog products speed up evaporation, combating haze that may be related to temperature changes inside the car.

“They are easy to use and can be applied quickly. I routinely apply them every time my car goes in for an oil change.”

Fausnight offers the following suggestions for best results:

  • Anti-fog products are available as sprays, liquids and gels.
  • Apply an anti-fog product with a terry cloth or microfiber towel. Apply directly on the towel, rather than to the glass itself and make sure to wipe the surface dry so there’s no residual haze.
  • If any haze appears due to excess application, sprinkle with water and wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel until clear.
  • The climate control system helps reduce moisture inside the cabin, especially in climates with high humidity. The system will help the anti-fogging solution clear glass surfaces faster.
  • Avoid getting window treatment products on rubber surfaces. They contain alcohol, which can cause rubber to dry or crack.